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Nail Repair & Magic Buffer Bundle


Nail Repair & Magic Buffer Bundle

$19.50 $23.95

This bundle contains the Trind Nail Repair Natural (Original Extra Strength Formula) and the Nail Magic Buffer.

Trind Nail Repair Natural (Original Extra Strength Formula) is an effective nail strengthener formula that will not yellow or dehydrate your nails. Its unique formula reinforces the connection between the protein molecules in your fingernails to make them strong and flexible. Restore your weak and damaged nails to their natural beauty using Trind Nail Repair Natural.

Your fingernail's natural fluid is essential for healthy growth. Trind Nail-Magic Buffer is the perfect nail buffer to activate the production of these natural moisturizers.

Smooth shiny nails

Buff your nails in three easy steps using Nail-Magic:

  • using the black section you gently remove the top layer of the fingernail
  • buff with the white section to promote the production of natural nail moisture
  • flip Nail-Magic over and use the grey section to evenly distribute nail moisture

Trind Nail-Magic also removes fine ridges and imperfections from the nail leaving you with smooth shiny nails.



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