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The Science Behind Trind

The Trind secret is in the balance between strength and moisture.

Trind Nail Repair is an incredibly effective nail strengthener because it’s based on the science of the nails. Its unique formulation strengthens the connection between the protein molecules, without altering the balance of the essential moisturizers. The nail becomes strong, flexible and supple because you have that perfect balance between strength and moisture.

Other Nail Hardeners and Strengtheners on the market today are mostly oil based and have formulas where the molecules are much too large to be absorbed by the nails pores.

Trind’s unique formulation is water based and penetrates the nail creating webs of protein and strength, while maintaining adequate moisture. Nails become strong, flexible, and beautiful.

The nail consists of three layers of protein molecules separated by layers of natural moisturizers; the perfect balance is 82% protein molecules and 18% natural nail fluid. This fluid acts as glue for the protein, and as a moisturizer, to keep the nail supple. When the moisture dips below the 18% level, nails often split, peel and crack. Trind Nail Repair prevents that dip.

Traditional nail hardeners bond the protein together, leaving no space for the nail’s natural fluid. They harden the nail, but they also make it brittle. They can be damaging when used on dehydrated nails, because they simply dry the nail further. This explains why some products work well for a while and then suddenly seem to lose their effectiveness.

Trind works all the time every time. Created for Women who would like to grow their own natural nails or nurse their nails back to health after the removal of soak off nail systems.

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