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How To Get Longer And Stronger Nails - Get Rid of Brittle Nails

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Nails are always the center of attention on a woman’s hand. Nowadays, well treated, healthy, strong nails are more important than ever as nail trends come out season by season and manage to mesmerize all the women in this world. In order to be able to try and enjoy  all these trends, it is crucial to have your nails in the best condition possible. However, our nails aren’t perfect all the time and for many different reasons brittle nails may occur.

But what are the reasons that can cause brittle nails and how can we prevent this uncomfortable situation?

Brittle nails break, peel and split easily due to the lack of moisture. Their most annoying characteristic is that it’s nearly impossible to grow them, as the extreme dryness causes immediate breakage. The reasons vary from problems like hormonal imbalance, age and allergens, to even soaps we use daily and plain water. Sometimes a simple thing like washing our hands consistently or the frequent application of nail polish can make our nails weak and dry.

Despite the damaging effects of this nail condition, prevention and suitable treatment methods can make a huge difference. Sure vitamins for stronger nails are great to take, but they aren’t enough. Topical remedies are equally important. You can get inspired by the professionals and never forget products like a super hydrating balsam or a high quality strengthener. Two ideal options are the Moisturizing Nail Balsam and Nail Repair  from Trind.

Nail Balsam Splash


The Moisturising Nail Balsam features a light weight formula packed with natural conditioners and vitamins like Biotin. As it absorbs quickly leaving your nails relieved, you can apply it daily or before any other nail product.

Trind Nail Repair Natural

The Nail Repair on the other hand, is a super effective nail strengthener perfect for use after the balsam. It will help you grow your nails back by giving them flexibility and balance. The best part? It has a glossy finish, but it is also available in a matte, as well as in several different colours.


Now you can grow your beautiful nails back effortlessly!




















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