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A set of 9 ML nail polish bottles that will give you perfect french manicure. It contains Trind Base Coat that creates a smooth base for nail polish and protects the nail against discoloration. Trind French White nail caring color for a cultured French look and lastly Trind Caring Color Top Coat that has a clear shiny finish to leave your nail color stunning and making it last longer.


Trind French Manicure Kit

$13.99 $26.00

Charm your inner Diva and make a splash with our complete French Manicure Set. Everything you need to create a sophisticated, worldly look in the comfort of your fuzzy slippers.

Your French Manicure Set contains:
  • Trind Base Coat — preventing discolouring and filling in ridges for a smooth look
  • Trind French White — one coat to a cultured French look
  • Trind 7-day Top Coat — the finishing touch to make your manicure last and last



Use the three products provided in this kit to do the perfect French Manicure. Apply the Base Coat first and let dry. Use the nail tip stickers provided as templates for each nail before applying the French White polish. After the French White polish is dry then apply the Top Coat provided for a long lasting French Manicure.

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